Absolutely unbelievable!!

To win my European Tour Card feels fantastic, and to have Elliott get his card makes it extra special – unbelievable! I hardly put a foot wrong today – to make only one bogey on that course was pretty good going – so it’s up there with the best rounds of my career, and certainly the most important.

I’ve been in the top 30 most of the week, and just lost a few places yesterday, but I’m proud of the way I finished the job off and I’m sure my parents are proud of me too. I owe them a lot for the support they’ve shown us, so hopefully this goes some way towards repaying them.

It’s taken me a while but I’ve got there. I’ve stuck by everything that’s served me well over the years and I’ve been with my coach Colin Brooks for 12 years.

Some people thought I should change things when it was not going so well. But I stayed confident and trusted what I was doing and have just kept going. The tour was always the goal and it’s going to be great to be a part of it.